What's an iBuyer and how our Keller Offer can help!

The Pindrop Group with Keller Williams Gulfside (or Us! Wink) is NOW Keller Offers certified!  What's that mean? Well, it means we can make cash offers on your home through our affiliation with Offer Pad.  But, first let's explain what Offer Pad/iBuyer is.

What is an iBuyer?
These are companies that make offers on homes to provide an abundance of convenience.  A quick sale for a seller where profit is made on the resale for the buyer (iBuyer). 
What is Keller Offers?
This is the excluside iBuyer for Keller Williams and powered by Offer Pad.  Our team is a Keller Williams team and we have been certified in this offer and closing process.   
Why use Keller Offers?
It's a unique opportunity to investigate what an iBuyer is, or try it on for size, while still having a Realtor in your corner.  
Do I still need an agent?
Yes, of course! We endevor to help you with your needs specifically.  If the iBuyer program turns out not to be for you then we can help present all your options.  
How it works:
  1. INTENT:  You and your agent decide to request an offer.  This starts with a consultation.
  2. OFFER REQUEST:  You and your agent prepare an offer request.  There's some paperwork for you to browse and sign.  
  3. STATUS: Your agent will take photos and review your home's condition.
  4. RESPONSE: Keller Offers will respond within 72 hours with an initial offer.  
  5. INITIAL DECISION:  You have 7 days to accept the offer. If you decline, you may proceed to market your home in a traditional sale.  If you accept, the process continues.
  6. CONTRACT: Once under contract with Keller Offers there is an inspection, a walk-through and some contigencies to review.  All transactions come with contigencies and your agent will walk you through them.
  7. TIMING:  You get to choose your moving date! You may even reside in the house up to 3 days after closing (something not likely in a traditional sale).

Keller Offers is an exciting new tool we have to present to you.  It can save you time and energy in the end.  Some sellers are looking to iBuyers because they just don't have the need or desire to market and list their home in the multiple listing service.  We have the option to do both for you and it's been a buzz of excitement around here.  We want you to have confidence in our options.  There's so many ways to accoplish a real estate goal today.  If you still have questions call us! We are here to help.

Natalie Pindar

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