Buyer Tip Tuesday

Buyer Tip Tuesday is in full swing! So here’s what typically happens. Not all the time but it’s pretty common.

1. Buyer meets with us and we talk about price (pre approval or cash available), location and what their dream home looks like.
2. We set buyer up on a search and/or they send us what they’ve found.
3. We show homes.
4. We write a contract…Laughing Surprised Stop right there! Not so much.

In an ideal world, yes this would be awesome! But I’m going to give it to you straight instead. When we meet with a buyer and proceed to show them homes we ask as many questions as possible to uncover not only the type of picture perfect home they desire but ALSO if they understand the market. Sometimes buyers can be shopping out of their price range. I said it! They can be looking for homes that don’t exist in the price range they can purchase in. Why? Mainly because they just don’t know any better. They heard someone bought a home for $X.00 or quite simply they just started looking so they’re discovering at the same time. For me, I know that can hinder a buyers experience while purchasing. Things are stressful enough (see: future blog post). So instead of writing up a contract we typically have to review the market.

When you’re discovering the market at the time you need/want to buy you can be putting a lot of pressure on an enjoyable experience. So I say start watching what’s selling now! Get on a list of what’s available now and make sure you watch it. You can track trends this way or you can simply gauge what’s type of homes you prefer in different locations. There are many benefits to watching what sold properties happened in the last week or month. If you’re looking to invest then absolutely you should be watching sold homes.

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Ps. This works for sellers too!! Get on a search for your neighborhood. We have an app for that! 

Natalie Pindar | Team Owner | The Pindrop Group with Keller Williams Gulfside

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